More than just Gatekeeping

How X-Keeper helps you?

Digital Entry

  • No hassles of entering data in the check-in/check-out register books
  • 3X times faster in check-in/check-out compared to the current process
  • Life-time storage of entry logs
  • Access to your entry logs from any-where, any-place
  • Even works without internet connection
  • Filtering of your entry logs

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Visitor Authentication

  • Authenticate visitors through mobile number verifications
  • No one can fake information while entering logs
  • Security guards can also authorize visitors through their photographs
  • Authenticated users do not have to enter details at any other gated communities supported by 1UponX

Elimination of duplicate entries

  • Avoid entering ‘Authenticated’ visitor details more than once
  • Faster entry into the community without wasting time for Check-in/Check-out process

Emergency Alerts

  • Notifications will be sent to all security guards regarding emergency
  • Emergency contact details of the community provided in the application

Request Visitor

  • Avoid visitors waiting at the gate for entering logs
  • Notify security guards with the expected list of visitors and their arrival time

Request Courier Collection

  • Send request to security guards to collect courier in your absence
  • Pre-intimate the security guards about the arrival of your courier

Manage Staff & Staff Notifications

  • Real time tracking of your staff
  • Get notified of when your staff has arrived
  • Track/Capture staff attendance on day-to-day basis
  • Easily search all staff contact details in your community

Visitor Approval / Disapproval

  • Get notified of the visitors entering the community
  • Authority to approve/disapprove entry of the visitors from any place which is not possible in the traditional intercom functionality
  • Eliminates the need of intercoms to be installed


  • Access to contact details of your gated community members
  • Contact any-one, any-time!
  • Contact details of your community admins available in one place
  • List of owners and tenants readily available

Identify visitors with unauthorized parking

  • Identify who has parked incorrectly in your parking
  • Inform the visitor by checking the contact details through our application
  • You can also see who the visitor is visiting in your community


  • More than 50+ reports available to track down on people movement in your gated community
  • Pull reports by visitors and your daily staff
  • Ability to track cab drivers, delivery boys and courier personnels
  • Staff attendance report
  • Reports by vehicle type – two wheelers and four wheelers
  • Track entry logs on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis
  • Miscellaneous reports

Go Paperless

  • Complete shift from paper-based registers to paperless mobile application
  • Save TREES and take the eco-friendly route